Staging Your House in Order to Sell Your Home

Sunday Mar 28th, 2021


Home staging can make the difference between selling your house and selling your house for more money.

In the real estate world, home staging is a method that is used to improve the appearance of a place so it will be more attractive to buyers. It's not a new idea, we're just going to say this first - home staging is about selling. It's about making your house attractive, warm, inviting. It's not just about adding paint and flowers and new carpets and all manner of expensive ornaments.

If your house has been on the market for a while it will be difficult to make it more attractive to buyers. It will appear worn and dirty. That's why it takes so long to sell a house. It's not just the paint, it's the dirt, the dust, the cracks in the walls, the wrinkles in the vinyl window film - it's all an issue. But if you have an expert home stager who specializes in preparing homes for sale, then the result will be incredible.

The home staging process begins at the front of the house - at the entryway. This is where the first impression of your house begins. Home staging experts suggest removing any obstacles such as furniture, wall sconces (if possible), extra chairs etc. This will clear the entranceway, which will make the entryway look larger and wider. You'll notice how your house will look larger, clearer, and brighter.

Next the staging expert suggests getting rid of any clutter, boxes, clutter in and around the doorway. This will also make the entranceway appear larger. It will also give people a way to view the house without being distracted by the clutter.


Next the staging expert suggests clearing away anything that can be easily overlooked or moved about. This includes extra furniture, extra clothes, extra shoes, etc. The idea is that people will walk into the house and can see everything, including the clutter. It will be easier for them to see the house. If you don't think the house looks spacious, ask someone who has toured many homes, and they will tell you - the house will look so much better with less furniture.

The staging expert will also suggest that you try to make your house look as neutral as possible. If people see your taste there may be a subconscious desire not to be a replica. Make sure your house does not appear too personal, if that is the case try to remove anything that strongly suggests you.

There is another issue that home staging experts consider that can cause homes to not sell - the price. You are trying to achieve a price that will be competitive in your area but this is not the only reason to do home staging. It is mainly for marketing reasons and to increase the value, and if your price is too high you may not get the price you want. It will also cause people to wonder why you are selling your home at such a ridiculously high price.

This is the third in a series of articles on how to sell your house and the reasons you should do home staging. In the next article you will learn the next steps to staging your house in order to maximize its value.

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