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9 Minimalist Modern Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You

Thursday Nov 11th, 2021


9 Minimalist Modern Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You

You’re looking for a new kitchen design, but you don’t know where to start.

We have 10 minimalist modern kitchen designs that are sure to inspire you! These kitchens are perfect if you want something simple and clean, yet still functional. They will help make your home look great without taking up too much space or costing too much money.

With these ideas in mind, it will be easy for you to create the perfect kitchen for your home! All of these designs can be found on our website so go ahead and browse through them now! If there is anything we can do to help just let us know!

What is a Minimalist Kitchen anyway?

A minimalist kitchen is one that utilizes simplicity in its design. The goal of a minimalist kitchen is to make it easier for the cook to do their job by eliminating unnecessary items. When designing your own, or when choosing new appliances for an existing space, you should keep this in mind. For instance, if you are looking at refrigerators you may want one with only the necessary features and no bells and whistles so as not to take up any extra space. Keep this in mind when planning your next renovation project-a beautiful yet functional kitchen awaits!

Lets get into the 9 tips to help you create a minimalist kitchen.


White kitchens may be complemented with basic décor. The colors you use should be simple, straightforward, and not overly complicated. White kitchens look cleaner and crisper than other designs. This look is for minimalists who enjoy a clean simple look and feel.

You can try a kitchen that is all white but with brighter pops of color. You should always make sure to choose colors that go well together and complement one another. Remember, less is more! You don't want the kitchen to look like a rainbow threw up in there... you want it clean and fresh.


Marble is a beautiful natural material. Carrara, however, can be used to create worktops, cladding or backsplashes. Combining this with simple cabinetry will create a sophisticated yet minimal look.

Warm metal finishes such as copper, gold and brass can be used to keep the space from becoming too cold or clinical. To increase visual interest, you can add wood to the floor and kitchen cabinets.

Luxury finishes are a focal point in a minimalist kitchen. You can mix cabinetry and couture to create a striking design.


A well-planned kitchen layout is essential in order to make sure that it fulfills all of its important functions. Having a functional kitchen design will maximize the space, making everything easier to get to. The most important part of planning your kitchen is working with the dimensions of your room-ensuring that you have enough space for appliances and furniture.

Working closely with an architect and a contractor to create exact measurements will ensure that you use your kitchen space as efficiently as possible. You can also choose to work with a designer-this is especially useful if you would like the help of someone who works regularly in this field.

Storage is an important part of s smart kitchen design.  This means proper storage for food from the fridge and freezer, as well as a place to store utensils. In order to make sure you have enough kitchen space, measure your family's requirements before deciding on a design. If you don't have enough storage in the kitchen despite having lots of drawers and cabinets, it may be because you're storing things incorrectly.

Even if you have the most storage space in the world, it won't matter if your stuff is badly organized. Mechanisms that allow roll-back doors to slide into cabinetry have opened up a whole new world of design possibilities with clever storage. Smart, high-height cabinets doors can now conceal entire kitchen sections. This allows for a modern, sleek design.


White kitchens are the best choice for anyone who wants to live a stylish and modern lifestyle. Monochromatic kitchens are generally painted exclusively in one color, with the exception of minor accent pieces. Non-white work surfaces are practical and will require less cleaning. 

The combination of modern design and monochrome color schemes is stunning. You can find white gloss lacquer finishes at most shops and specialists. If you prefer a more subtle look then consider satin, semi-gloss, or matt finishes. Matt finishes are often preferred for kitchen worktops because they are easy to wipe clean.


Minimalist kitchens don't have to be cold and unappealing. Warm-up a sleek modern look with wood details or brass highlights. To complement the minimalism, combine some art or fresh flowers to provide contrast with the sleek surfaces.


When you have an open-plan kitchen, dining room, or living room, keep the styles cohesive to create a sleek sophisticated space. If you are having an open plan design then it is important that your color palette is consistent throughout for seamless continuity between spaces.

It is typical in a modern kitchen to have a large island to sit at with beautiful waterfall edges where the counter and sides look like one piece, try this with a Carrera marble. The island should have a stowaway section if you are tight on space, this can be useful for hiding away your kitchen towels or clutter.


The key to a minimalist kitchen design is to use sleek, unmanageable cabinetry and a rich and authentic mix of textures and materials. Many modern kitchens do not have traditional handles and are instead fitted with flush pull-out cabinets. If you want kitchen cupboards with handles then choose brass or stainless steel hardware in an industrial design. Handleless kitchen cabinets look more contemporary and minimal.


Color is a powerful design tool - not only can it completely alter the mood of a kitchen, how much or how little you add will affect which parts of the room you're drawn towards.

Go for clean and simple tones like white, black, or grays to reflect a contemporary style. Don't be afraid to mix up different textures and materials within a single space with warm woods, pastel colors, and polished metal.

Honing an existing kitchen for a more modern look is actually relatively easy since it can be done with just small changes. Try to keep the style monochrome so that there are no distractions from what you have chosen as your key focus areas. Since less is more, do not over-decorate! The most modern kitchens are very stylish but also very practical with a lot of storage space.

Various tones of greys are becoming a popular choice for kitchen design as it matches well with a white-based kitchen design.

You can add a touch of drama to the kitchen with some dark wood cabinetry in an island. To keep your modern look, mix white polished appliances and surfaces with a hint of natural texture in a simple color palette, but avoid walls that are too loud or busy. Don't be afraid to have both vertical and horizontal lines when designing your kitchen.


Many modern homes now hide the appliances so that the fridge, dishwasher, or microwave blend into the rest of the kitchen and do not stand out as much.

You can have a built-in fridge, an "overlay" or “panel-ready” fridge that matches the rest of your kitchen cabinets. All overlay units are also built-in, but an “overlay” design is simply one that is built to be covered with a panel that complements your cabinet design.

Finally, you can also have an integrated design that is the cleanest and most minimal look. When installed, integrated refrigerators are completely hidden. An integrated appliance is identical to every other cabinet in your kitchen when it's closed. Integrated appliances are the best choice for professionally designed kitchens because it offers the greatest flexibility in custom design.

With all the modern appliances, features, and design elements to choose from when renovating your kitchen, it can be difficult to narrow down what is best for you. From sleek white cabinets with stainless steel accents to trendy wood panels on the wall, these spaces will have you dreaming about what could be in your own perfect space!

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