Quick Guide to Sell your House in Toronto

Saturday Oct 23rd, 2021

selling your home in Toronto

A Quick Guide to Sell your House in Toronto               Selling a home can be a daunting task. It is important to take the time and do your research to know what steps are needed to get it done as quickly as possible. Whether you are selling a Toronto home due to a new Jon, family growth or downsizing or just need a change, the process can be overwhelming. But don't worry! We have put together this guide with step-by-step... [read more]

9 Biggest Home Selling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them When Selling YOUR home

Saturday Mar 6th, 2021


If you are thinking about selling your home in Toronto or the GTA and want to get the most money possible which I’m sure you do, I'm going to show you the nine biggest home selling mistakes and how you can avoid them. By avoiding these home selling mistakes, it will help you to sell your home for a higher price, sell quickly and make the home selling process much smoother. Selling your home in Toronto, Mississauga or Oakville can be a stressful time but eliminating these mistakes... [read more]

Staging Your House in Order to Sell Your Home

Sunday Mar 28th, 2021


Home staging can make the difference between selling your house and selling your house for more money. In the real estate world, home staging is a method that is used to improve the appearance of a place so it will be more attractive to buyers. It's not a new idea, we're just going to say this first - home staging is about selling. It's about making your house attractive, warm, inviting. It's not just about adding paint and flowers and new carpets and all manner of expensive... [read more]

How much is your Home worth? How to Determine the value of your home

Tuesday Jan 26th, 2021


There are many factors that go into determining how much your home is worth but here are the 5 main factors that affect the price that people are willing to pay in the current market. 1. LOCATION Location is a very important factor in determining the value of your home 2. COMPETITION Prospective buyers compare your property against competing properties. Buyers will perceive value based upon the properties that have sold or are available in the... [read more]